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"Together we can prioritize our families, our community, and our islands to protect our quality of life."

Our Families

I have seen classmates leave Hawaiʻi or move back in with their families because they simply cannot afford otherwise.  With the cost of living and housing going up, we see so many local families being priced out of owning a home.  Together we can invest in housing that is actually affordable, support industries with good-paying jobs, and implement real solutions for homelessness so that we can keep our families together.

Our Community

Our kūpuna, neighbors with special needs, and keiki deserve safe sidewalks to get to the store and school, our families deserve safe communities that are free of crime, and our neighborhoods deserve good roads and the infrastructure needed to reduce flooding, protect life and property, and make affordable housing a reality.  Together we can invest in these areas to create the vibrant community our local families deserve.

Our Islands

We must protect our natural resources, including our water and marine resources, preserve critical agricultural lands, better manage tourism, improve our parks and public spaces, and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.  Together we can strive to create a more sustainable future for our keiki and protect our island home.

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